Our Core Values and Beliefs

Relationships are at the very core of everything we do.  Cultivating positive, respectful relationships between students, staff, parents, and the community are essential to our school's mission.
A high level of trust exists between school leaders, staff, students, the parents, and the community.  This trust leads to empowerment and cultivates innovation and ingenuity.
Our staff is committed to ongoing professional development that equips them to successfully provide RGSA students with diversified learning opportunities that challenge, motivate, and empower them.  These exciting discoveries and applications of new knowledge and skills result in students becoming more prepared for current and future real-world experiences.
Each year, with the guidance of RGSA staff, students are provided with vast opportunities to participate in leadership roles inside and outside of the classroom setting.  Empowering students with leadership roles has proven to increase student confidence, creativity, and communication skills which has a significant impact on the school's continuous improvement journey.
If you believe it, you can achieve it!  We are confident in our students' abilities to meet and often exceed the school's established expectations, not only in state coursework requirements but in critical areas involving personal integrity, responsibility, perseverance, and much more.  Students are provided with an array of support to help them successfully attain their current goals and become forward-thinking about what their future can hold.
All of our students matter to us!  We acknowledge that each person has unique abilities, strengths, and backgrounds.  We embrace their unique qualities to help our students realize their full potential.  We also realize that every student, no matter their ability level, has unique growth opportunities.  We help them identify these opportunities and help them with self improvement through personalized learning experiences.